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1 000 000+ EHR
Harnessing and transforming RWD into RWE

Real-World Evidence for complex healthcare decision making

Combining data, AI-technology,
and analytics to empower your trials

01. Real-World Data Provider
Collection, processing, and harmonization of unstructured data using algorithms, which are quickly adapted for a particular task. We provide curated datasets to answer your research questions.
02. AI for data extraction
Deep Learning techniques for the extraction of medical information including entity recognition and relation extraction. We deliver AI-powered algorithms for evidence representation.
03. Clinical Research Company
End-to-end solutions including study design, feasibility, patient recruitment and final reports.
04. IT Solutions Developer
Deployment of customized web tools for healthcare professionals, patients, and sponsors.

Continuously growing network

EHR data form 700+ research sites and data partners around the globe

Solutions for your specific clinical trial needs

Delivering cutting-edge
RWE insights

Global data for your clinical study
Innovative solutions for traditional clinical research
Boosted awareness among healthcare professionals

1 000 000+
electronic health records


Real World Evidence Solutions for your Study

  • Epidemics studies
  • "Smart" patient registry
  • Pharmacoeconomics studies
  • Marketing analysis of prescriptions
  • Drug treatment efficacy and safety
  • Post-authorization and additional studies
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Medical Writing

Development of a full document set for trial
  • Clinical study design
  • Clinical study protocol
  • Informed consent
  • Investigator’s Brochure
  • Clinical study reports
  • Articles and publications
  • Translation of documents
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  • Scientific approach to study planning and data analysis
  • Sample size calculation
  • Development of the statistical section of study protocol
  • Statistical analysis planning
  • Randomization schedule development
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Presentation of results in TFLs with explanatory notes
  • Development of interim and final statistical report
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Treatment analyzing tools

AI empowered predictive analytics tools for estimating patient survival based on Real-World Evidence extracted from Publications, Registries and Electronic health records.

The tool allows the estimation of the survival of a patient based on their individual parameters and performed or planned treatment, before being compared with the best treatment option for similar baseline data.

DM RWE creates Treatment Analyzing tools for any therapeutic area with complex and expensive treatment regimens
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Feasibility Tool

Estimate the capacity of RWD for your study with our online assistant, which delivers instant feasibility assessment based on the analysis of millions of electronic health records. 

An intuitive user-friendly interface performs real-time analysis and enables preliminary estimation of whether presented datasets will fit your study goals. This will allow you to make an informed decision before making a purchase. 

Reach out to one of our experts and find out how the Feasibility Tool brings together all the variables of compliant use to generate the evidence you are looking for.
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Data Source Validation Tool

We are committed to providing research-ready high quality data.

Our quality control system is designed in a way that requires all data to be checked for accuracy and suitability at every level of processing. 

To that end we employ our special in-house designed automated Data Validation Tool.

You can order data validation by our team as a standalone service or deploy it on your own by acquiring it as a SaaS solution.
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Discover the potential of the global RWD derived from millions of electronic health records. With our broad network of healthcare organizations from EU, CIS, MENA and APAC countries, we collect large datasets in a avariety of therapeutic areas. We deliver clinically enhanced data for oncology and oncohematology, which combines histology, genomic data, biomarkers, treatment, line change, and survival records. Using Artificial Intelligence, DM RWE mines valuable datasets and provides clean and curated data to answer your research questions
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New Generation ePRO

Apps for clinical trials aimed to build an interconnected ecosystem between patient, healthcare specialist and CRO. Easy-to-use filtering options, plus diary and questionnaire tracking facilitate the filling-out process for a
patient when using the app - meaning faster studies, and better access to data.
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All-in-one diamond SaaS solution for clinical trials.
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Our Approach

Alex Loleit
Chief executive officer / DM RWE

Here at DM RWE people are our greatest asset

We have a team of motivated and talented professionals united by a mission to deliver curated data and valuable real world insights to our sponsors. We strongly believe in open communication, the free flow of ideas and fair judgment. By choosing us you will work with a team of strongly committed individuals ready to deliver solutions tailored to your specific study needs


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