How can healthcare providers participate in real-world evidence?

By building a global network of healthcare organizations, we match hospitals with cutting-edge clinical research projects to accelerate development of new medicines, detail clinical recommendations and improve patient outcomes.


  • Billions of unstructured clinical data in medical health records

DM RWE Platform

  • Unstructured data extraction with Natural Language Processing
  • Online feasibility evaluation

Clinical Studies

  • Fit-for-purpose datasets of ethically sourced and anonymized patient data for research projects

Why partner with us?

Broaden your hospital's research capabilities
Reach pharmaceutical companies for sponsored trials
Enhance your hospital’s reputation 
Join co-publications in peer reviewed journals
Increase hospital revenue
Keep ownership of your data

How does patient selection and recruitment work?

Our solution allows us to match the patient population at the hospital to clinical trial protocol in real-time. In-house designed algorithms process multilingual data with accurate indication for relevant patients to decrease feasibility evaluation time and accelerate recruitment efficiency. The system anonymises patient personal data and protects it with secured protocols to ensure that personal information never leaves the site.

Synthetic control arm perspective - Benefits for patients

DM RWE supports randomized clinical trials (RCTs) with real-world data through external control arms. This allows pharmaceutical companies to reduce the number of patients put into a control arm and provide more actively ill patients with access to the intervention arm to benefit from innovative treatment, especially in cases of orphan diseases or where treatment options are limited. Synthetic control arms, which are conducted or supported with RWD extracted from electronic health records continue to gain momentum among pharmaceutical companies.

DM RWE helps researchers to evaluate hospital patients for running a synthetic control arm and to reach more pharmaceutical companies for sponsored trials opportunities. We can provide your patients and physicians with the opportunity to participate in the most up-to-date drug research.

Experienced in harvesting real world data

DM RWE discovers the treasure hidden in patients’ electronic health records for clinicians, life science organizations and academics.

Join our trusted, transparent and effective partnerships to attract the most advanced clinical research trials to your hospitals.

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