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15 January 2022
Alex Loleit, Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare system and pharma industry are in need of large datasets comprising patient data on real world use, efficacy and safety of therapies, this data is required in the shortest possible time and with an ability to update almost live. Hospitals and practitioners are only able to provide data either collected manually or extracted files with no structure that are hard to navigate and generate insights. DM RWE is building software and an infrastructure network allowing for fast and efficient data extraction in compliance with legal regulations that allows to bridge both gaps and help provide better outcomes for patients globally.

Real-world evidence studies powered by the DM RWE™ platform enable healthcare research decision makers to obtain deeper, faster insights into the impact of diseases and treatment in the real world.

DM RWE™ platform brings access to multilingual RWD of ethically sourced patient data from millions of electronic health records.

Deep Learning techniques for the extraction of medical information and custom AI algorithms for data processing and harmonization employed to build large datasets with all necessary information on diagnosis, dates and therapies received and other data needed for health care’s most critical decisions.

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